Restore your vintage ride


We can bring your Vintage Ride back to life

Carburetor Ultrasonic Cleaning

We have a large Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank capable of submersing a bank of 4 Carburetors

Engine Work

We offer full Engine rebuilds

Some Examples of resurrections

1976 Honda CB360T

Several Honda's have been Reserected by our staff including CB750's, CB350's, GL1000's and even some Mini Trail's.

1973 Triumph 750 Tiger

We have worked on Triumph's, BMW's, Norton's as well as URAL's.

1980 Harley Davidson FXE

Several Harly Davidsons models have been brought back to life as well.


We offer quotations for semi or full restorations

Bringing your prized Vintage Ride back to life can be expensive and quite often requires substantial time and resources.  Sourcing parts and uncovering hidden problems can lead to additional cost beyond the original quotation.  Those interested in resurrecting should understand these facts.